Tish Whipple

Associate Broker


  • I grew up in Arizona
  • Degrees in Cultural Anthropology, Interior and Architectural design and Fibre Arts University of Arizona

A House for Everyone and Thoughts on Space

When I was five I thought everyone should live in brightly colored adobe houses surrounded by cactus and rose-filled gardens and it was going to be my job to make it happen. I wasn’t much older when I discovered National Geographic and my eyes were opened to the World…it was absolute magic, all the wonderfully exotic people, places and houses. The neighborhood and housing possibilities had suddenly become unlimited… I continue to be fascinated by people, their cultures, their homes and how they use the space and color around them. Finding the right space for my clients is very satisfying but helping them to see the potential in a property and put their “thumb print” on it is my goal. Our homes are our safe havens, our gathering spaces for family and friends, our nests, the backdrop of everyday life and the holder of memories.

At Home in Maine

My husband and I moved to Maine in the early 1970’s. My husband John, an architect and avid sailor was thrilled, I was not so sure. 40 years later I’m happy to say Maine has been a wonderful place to raise a family, work at what we love and grow the roses that surround our non-adobe house on the coast of Maine.


  • Licensed in Real Estate since 1989
  • Design Consultant at Whipple-Callender Architects for 7 years
  • Giving both professional and unsolicited advice since 1970


Real estate transactions can be fraught at the best of times. Whom you want representing you is a person with personal integrity. This means that they know themselves and are not ego-involved in the outcome. Rather, their motivation is your fiduciary wellbeing and nothing else. They must have credibility in the profession, proven honesty, and thorough knowledge of options and outcomes. Most of all, though, they must be tough in a gracious way, standing their ground for you, while at the same time quelling and containing the high emotions that can come with this kind of interaction. I've seen Tish rise above pettiness over and over again, while remaining unwavering in what she knows to be right. The client deserves no less than this, rare those these qualities may be.