Published 03/22/18 Home Maintenance

Maine Spring Cleaning


Spring is officially here and while it may not feel like spring in many places that are still covered in snow, the snow is going to soon start to disappear. It's time to get started on your spring cleaning. Here's a great list to start. Cleaninging may never become effortless, but you can make the project more manageable -- and even enjoyable.


Spring cleanup up for interiors

  • Wash the windows inside

  • Sweep out the garage and re-organize

  • Moving Furniture and cleaning behind it

  • Cleaning out vents

  • Clean all the blinds and window treatments

  • Scrub the garage floor

  • Bring Drapes to dry cleaners

  • Clean out the sun room/patio room/solarium
  • Flip the mattresses

  • Spring Clean all the ceiling fans

  • Pack away all winter items

  • De-clutter the inside of the home

  • Paint interior doors, if needed


Spring cleanup up for exteriors

  • Wash the windows outside

  • Rake any left over leaves from the lawn

  • Clear the gardens of any dead plants and trim the old ones

  • Tune up the lawn mower

  • Turn over the flower beds

  • Take out all the summer furniture to the deck

  • Hook up the rain barrel

  • Turn on the outside taps

  • Clear out the gutters of any materials

  • Clean down the garage door

  • Clean all patio furniture

  • Clean the outside lights

  • Paint the exterior doors, if needed 

  • Remove snow tires and replace with all-season

  • Clean the inside and outside of vehicles

  • Put up the clothes drying umbrella

Happy spring cleaning! Enjoy the warmer weather!